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Mini Dissertation

Dissertations (Page 1) Design, Analysis and Optimisation of a Marine Fitting Last modified: 10th Mar 2022 FEA is being used in Optimisation thus increasing effectiveness and a reduced cost. In this project, the task is to optimise an existing marine feature, a.

  • Mini-dissertation (Afr – Miniverhandeling) Dissertation (Afr – Verhandeling) Thesis (Afr – Proefskrif) Credits (as per HEQF) 30 of 120 60 of 180 (minimum ito HEQF) 60 of 180 (minimum ito HEQF) 180 of 180 360 of 360 Approval of research proposal by Faculty's Postgraduate Committee No.

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Mini Dissertation - Essay Help 24x7

Mini Dissertation - Essay Help 24x7

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